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Our compliance checklist

To assist you with pool fence compliance, Swimming Pool Certifier recommends following the checklist shown below.

If you find anything about your pool that does not comply, you can rectify it yourself or have someone rectify it prior to your inspection date.

The government legislation is far more comprehensive than our checklist, so please feel free to contact the Swimming Pool Certifier team if you have any further questions.  
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Safety Standards

From December 1, 2010, new pool safety laws replaced existing local government laws. There is now 1 pool safety standard replacing 11 different standards. You can read the new standard below.

Pool Gates

Pool Gates must:
  • Swing away from the pool area
  • Be self closing and latching from any distance (including resting on the latching mechanism)
  • Have no gap through or under the gate of >100mm
  • Have latches 1500mm from the ground, 1400mm from the top of the lowest horizontal member
  • If less than 1500mm, shielding is needed as described in section 2.5 of AS1926.1
  • Must not be compromised by braces or objects that offer hand or footholds

Resuscitation Sign

Resuscitation signs must:
  • Be a minimum of 300mm by 300mm
  • Be made of durable and weatherproof materials
  • Be visible from the pool area
  • Mention 2 breaths to 30 compressions
  • Include resuscitation instructions of young children and infants

Gate Hinges

Gate hingest must:
  • Not offer footholds in the no climb zone
  • The lower hinge must be more than 900mm from the top of fence
  • If less than 900mm it must have a safety cap to protect children from gaining foothold or be less than 10mm in diameter

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